35 People Reveal The Worst Ways They’ve F**ked Up On The Job


My first year at the accounting firm, I forgot to mail in a client’s checks for their federal and state taxes. Took a few months for them to realize the checks didn’t clear. Resulted in a $4,000 penalty that my bosses ended up having to pay on their behalf. I felt like such a fuck-up. Luckily, they had all been in my shoes before at one time or another and went easy on me.



I work as a lifeguard and one of our rules is that you aren’t allowed to put your head underwater in the hot tub because the guards can’t see you and it’s dangerous. One day, I was guarding and as I am scanning the pool, I see a girl put her head underwater in the hot tub, near a man’s leg, who I assume is her dad. I walk over and tap him on the shoulder and stare into the water trying to find her and say, “excuse me sir, can you please tell your daughter to come to the surface?” He looks at me bewildered and goes, “what??” So I stare more intently into the water trying to find her, when I suddenly realize that the “girl” I saw was just the man’s colorful swim shorts and I had been staring at his crotch the whole time!



I was working at Panda Express. I was 19 and stoned af when a customer came through the drive thru me a $100 bill I thought I gave him the correct change but when I counted my drawer at the end of the night I was short $90. Turns out he gave me an old school $10 not $100. Panda Express’ standards are crazy high and none of my coworkers wanted to see me be fired to everyone pitched in so my draw wouldn’t be short. I felt so bad and paid them all back with my next check



While I was working at an ice cream shop a few months ago, an older couple came and ordered to chocolate ice creams. After scooping and serving them, I continued to take orders. A few minutes later, the older woman came up to the register with her hand to her throat and an inquisitive (and maybe a little fearful) look on her face. “Do you guys put something spicy in this chocolate ice cream?” she asked as she continued to hold her hand to her throat. Turns out, I had given them both CHILI chocolate ice cream instead of regular chocolate.



I had just started a job and I noticed one guy had a strange accent. Not sure why I did this, but I asked him what his accent was. He stopped, looked at me, and walked away. The break room erupted into laughter and someone told me he had a speech impediment… mortifying.