35 People Reveal The Worst Ways They’ve F**ked Up On The Job

Everyone makes mistakes–right? Seeing as we’re all human, it’s not uncommon for us to make some blunders every now and then. The real issue isn’t in us messing up, but how and where we mess up.
I’d say hands down, the worst place to mess up is at work. No one wants to be the person that makes an astronomical mistake that ends up getting them fired. Plus, who wants to have to explain to their boss that they’re the a**hole who made 400 pieces of chicken too many during a shift at KFC (sorry, ggfergu). F**king up at work truly is one of the worst experiences to go through. Luckily, there are thousands of people who have done it and are here to tell the tales.


Deleted the entire warehouse inventory database. Didn’t know how to get backup. Thank God for nice IT folks.



I overestimated and cooked too much chicken for our dinner rush at KFC. By 400 pieces.



I’m a teacher. Early in my career a student went missing after second recess. I looked around and realized he never came back. NO ONE could find him. Called parents: no answer. Searched the playground: nothing. Bat signal: no response.

School wide panic. Superintendent office was called and security & police came.

He never came to school that day. I missed the fact that he was gone all day when I took attendance first thing in the morning. Mom called in a panic wondering why she had 10 missed calls and cops were at her door when she got back from the prearranged doctors appointment she made for her son.

To be fair another kid, Sebastian, told me he saw him jump over the fence and leave at recess. Sebastian lies a lot.



Serving. I once dropped a salad plate ON a baby’s head. It left a small bruise. I’ve never felt more shitty. It was so, so awful, and so awkward. The family stayed to eat the rest of the meal. Fortunately my manager had another server take over the table. I didn’t get fired, I just got a sitdown lecture about how I can’t just go dropping plates on babies.

They took the baby to a doctor later to make sure everything was okay. I never heard anything else about it, so I guess everything was alright. This is one of those things that I’ll remember that makes me want to crawl in a hole and hide. I’m cringing so hard right now just thinking about it.



The time I sent an email with “Kind Retards” instead of “Kind Regards” will haunt me forever, and that wasn’t even permanent.



I was a receptionist at an obstetrics office. I took a phone call from a patient who was, at the time, eight months pregnant and had a ruptured disc in her back. Well, I typed the message into the computer and sent it to the doctor.

Except I reported that the mother-to-be had a ruptured dick.

And that is now in her medical record, with the correction.

Her doctor found that hilarious.

The moral is: proofread. Always.



Worked in a digital forensics lab. I was an intern and wiped the empty drives before we used them. I wiped the evidence.



I work in a day care and just recently, I was holding one baby to get her changed, and another baby had crawled behind my feet unbeknownst to me, and I ended up tripping over and landed full force on the baby I was holding. Luckily nothing was broken on the baby but I got nasty bruises. Rather me than the kid.

Still haunts me.



I spelled a name wrong once on a dudes chest in giant black Olde English font when I was in my first year out of my apprenticeship.



I accidentally cut up a client’s credit card while working retail…

…during Black Friday.