35 People Reveal The Worst Ways They’ve F**ked Up On The Job


Just starting smoking weed. Working at the steak and shake. Came in REALLY stoned. LIKE..it was bad. Giggles were playing a huge role. Spilt a table of 6 drinks all over them and proceeded to stand there and laugh uncontrollably while staring at them freaking out.



I worked at a subway and had gone to the break room in the back. There were cameras in the break room and 5 minutes into my break I looked up and saw that my coworker was being held at gunpoint. I could’ve hid in there or even called the police but my dumb ass decides that if he robber finds me he’ll be mad that I was hiding, so I walked right outside into the middle of the robbery and was just like hey.



“I’m a medical provider, and I have a general list of questions I ask my heart patients. For example: ‘Do you ever experience swelling in your legs?’ I asked this to…a double amputee. Worst thing about the situation? His family was in the room.”



I work at a fast food with an ice cream machine and we have these bags to refill the ice cream maker in our walk in. Its just a bag with a plug and the plug is hard to get off normally. I went into the walk in to grab a bag when I saw that the boxes with the bags in them were stacked above my head. I normally ask for someone to grab a box from the top for me because they are heavy but we were in a rush. So I just opened the box from over my head and tried to pull the bag over the side. Well when I did that the plug got caught on the box and opened! It poured on my face, my uniform, the floor, and all the other boxes with more bags. It was only 30 minutes into my 8 hour shift. To make it worse I tried to walk out and slipped and fell on my ass!



I’m a physical therapist and when I was newly out of school I had a new patient who was an 11 or 12 year old girl. She came in with her mother and the girl was somewhat vague in discussing her hip pain as most middle schoolers are. The referral from her doctor said right hip pain so I spend my whole assessment focusing on the right side and just when I’m finished, the mother says to me “you know it’s her left hip, right?”. I was so mortified so I tried to play it off as by saying “oh yeah of course, I was just checking the right side first to compare the left side to”. Yeah that ruined my rapport with her right off the bat.

Jane Smith


My husband was a mechanic at a high- end auto shop in the rich part of town. One day he had a BMW in for an oil change. He put it up in the lift… And had apparently forgot to put it in “Park”. After a $149K mistake like that, my husband is no longer a mechanic.



I was on the phone with a patient and she was asking me questions about the medical abortion (the pill) and I thought she was done asking questions and said “thank you” so I was like “haha yeah” in an overly enthusiastic way but she had actually asked me if it’s painful and she like freaked out and started crying which isn’t nearly as dramatic as anything anyone else is sharing but I feel really bad about it



I worked at high end makeup store in a not so nice part of town. Theft was a big issue, as well as phony returns. One day I was working open to close and was exhausted. So when a lady came in with a receipt saying her foundation was missing from her bag, I was very suspicious. How could it be missing? I went to the manager and swore up and down that I put her foundation in the bag and accused her of trying to rip us off. So my manager checked the surveillance cameras. I watched myself scan the tube of foundation and shove it inside the envelope we kept for coupons. Talk about embarrassing!! The lady got her foundation and I got some coffee.



I was opening up the vet clinic where I worked and flipped on the lights. Unbeknownst to me, the wiring was old and it lit the insulation in the ceiling on fire. Luckily we didn’t have any patients in the hospital, so everyone evacuated safely.



Within the first two weeks of starting my new job, i tried fixing a stapler and somehow ended up stapling my thumb. Needless to say, after my supervisor watched me have to pull an entire staple out of my thumb, i was barred from using the stapler for the rest of the week.