27 Pictures That’ll Viciously Trigger All Retail Workers

I have never worked retail, and I thank my lucky stars every day. The sh*t those poor people put up with…it’s actually pretty astonishing. I always try and be as pleasant as possible in my retail interactions, but I’ve been to enough stores in my life to occasionally catch a glimpse of those insane customers you hear about.

And let’s be real – no one leaves that interaction better off for it. So why tf we gotta do it that way? Huh? Why can’t we all just be civil??

Philosophical questions aside, it’s pretty clear at this point that we cannot just be civil, so I guess making memes is a pretty good way to de-angrify.

27. This one about what is in our hearts:

26. This one about little revenges:

25. This one about unreasoning obstinacy:

24. This one about looking like there’s no problem:

23. This one about how your really feel:

22. This one about hilarious brand new jokes:

21. This one about actually winning an interaction:

20. This one about getting personal:

19. This one about knowing store policy: