27 Cringe-Inducing Text Messages So Awkward It’s A Wonder The Human Race Survives

Are you ready to be appalled? Like, totally and utterly freaked out that people like this exist? Good! I’m glad you’re excited because these messages make me want to light stuff on fire and just watch it all burn down to cinders. Not that I’d do anything like that, obviously we don’t condone violence here, but also…these f*cking people.

You know?

If you ever find yourself acting this way, take a giant step back from whatever it is you’re doing and reevaluate. Cause there is no acceptable reason – no reason. None at all. –  to act this way. You’re embarrassing yourself and everyone around you, and being cringey like this is not going to get you anywhere.

Maybe that seems a little harsh, but you can feel free to judge for yourself:

27. This one about quid-pro-quo:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/EpicForevr

26. This one about eavesdropping:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/SchizophrenicSax

25. This one about being wild:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/LiquidPhoenix

24. This one…it’s starting to go off the rails:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/VortexThing

23. This one about funny jokes:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Oogimauskii

22. This one that’s definitely a wrong number:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/whoami4546

21. This one from a guy who doesn’t really understand rejection:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/CrayonTehSanuki

20. This one…I hate this:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/JL224758

19. This one from a robot eugenicist:

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/gvogler