24 Feelings Better Than The Cold Side Of The Pillow

There’s a reason people do drugs – they overwhelm your brain with chemical pleasure. But here’s the thing: there are a dozen things you probably do every day that hit you with that dopamine rush. And for a moment or two, you feel on top of the world.

I mean drugs still feel good, but they’re just, like, not practical a lot of the time [we don’t condone most drugs]. So if you ever need a hit, get on board this train.

24. The feeling of being done:

23. The feeling of hitting the jackpot:

22. The feeling of nailing it:

21. The feeling of finally winning:

20. The feeling of shivers down your spine:

19. The feeling of a good pen:

18. The feeling of being a manly man:

17. A different feeling of being done:

16. The feeling of imminent companionship:

15. The feeling of perfect alignment: