Woman Buys A Stranger’s Coffee At Starbucks To Pay It Forward, Receives A Touching Letter In The Mail

There are some people in life who are inherently just good people. They see someone who looks like they are struggling and just want to pay it forward.
Usually, they do these kind gestures expecting nothing in return–they do it simply to spread kindness and good vibes across the world. But, once in a while, they receive thanks and praise for their generosity and it makes the paying it forward feel even better. One Twitter user, Mackenzie, shared the touching story of how she decided to pay for a stranger’s coffee at Starbucks.

Later, she received a beautiful, touching letter in her mailbox that made her kind gesture seem that much more important.

Yesterday I bought coffee for the lady behind me at Starbucks.. later in the day I found this is my mailbox. Small acts can make a big difference folks, spread some kindness.

The letter was from the woman–who happens to live only a few houses down from Mackenzie. She explained that she’s been struggling recently and decided to grab herself a coffee from Starbucks to treat herself, which she never does. She’s a mother who recently lost her father (who also watched her children) and has been transitioning from a working mother to a stay-at-home mother.


People on Twitter were also praising Mackenzie for her kindness, and wishing there were more people in the world like her–looking to pay it forward.

The next time you’re at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or wherever you get your coffee–why not pay it forward and buy a stranger their morning cup? You never know how much it could actually mean to someone.