35 Things That Can Destroy Your Long-Term Relationship For Good


Not communicating.

Good Lord is this one Ive whitnessed first hand. A friend of mine and his girlfriend had the most perfect relationship. A lot of my friends knew something was wrong though because they NEVER fought, and im a believer that if your almost a year in, and never had a single fight, someone is hiding their feelings. 2 Years in, we are all in my backyard. My buddy gets a snapchat from this girl. Friendly snapchat. No hidden meaning or messages. I know the girl personally. Suddenly…. “Luffests friend…..whos that?” escalated so incredibly fast and brought up issues that had nothing to do with the fact that a girl snap chatted my friend. They spent an hour in my bedroom yelling until only my friend came back out and told us she was leaving and they separated.



A loss of a loved one. People forget this, people can unravel when someone close to them dies



Lies about the basis / foundation of the relationship. Even if they were small and you weren’t taking the relationship seriously at first it hurts to find them out down the road when you would never lie and you’re now serious.




You might not be a cheater. You might be as loyal to the person as you possibly can, but if you dont take care of the relationship (i.e. you forget the little things, the kisses, time together, communication) then it will inevitably fall.



Blame. Not taking responsibility for your mistakes and putting them on the other person is a recipe for disaster. Learned that one the hard way.