Artist Searches For Her Childhood Bully Online And Shares The Troubling Results

Many of us get picked on at a young age in school by bullies and as we grow up, we never forget their name or their face.
For those who are bullied, many of the things people have said to us stay with us as we get older and torment us for years. It’s hard to completely let go of things that had such an emotional impact on you, especially as a kid. Canadian artist Meghan Lands was bullied and tormented for years–and she has constantly tried to forget her past. Lands told Bored Panda:

I think many of us have been either picked on or the pick-onner at some point in our lives. Growing up is tough to begin with, and in school we have to contend with this social pecking order that’s constantly reasserting or reorganizing itself.”

Lands decided to look up her bully on Facebook, all these years later, to see what she looked like now and what she was up to. Instead of sharing what she found, she decided to showcase it through a comic strip that has since gone viral on Tumblr.

Many people online could relate to Lands’ comics on a deep level. Others shared some advice.

You can see more of Lands’ work on her website and social media profiles: | Instagram | tumblr | Twitter