Guy Disowns Twin Sister After She Decides To Marry His Childhood Bully

Looking back on our lives, many of us have gone through the trauma of having a childhood bully. No matter what age, some of the experiences we dealt with stay with us for years—some of us for life. As we grow older, running into our bullies can still be hard to handle. But, imagine they were going to become part of your family?

One Reddit user recently posted in the Reddit thread /AmITheAsshole, asking the question:

“Am I the asshole for cutting my sister out of my life for getting engaged to my worst high school bully?”

The anonymous Reddit user said that he and his twin sister have been close for their entire life, up until recently. He brought up his high school bully, who physically assaulted him numerous times—breaking his arm and caused a renal detachment in his eye.


His twin sister ended up dating this bully—and, the Reddit user made his opinion very clear. After years of torment and physical abuse, his sister decided it was fine to go ahead and get engaged to the bully. The Reddit user decided that her selfishness was enough to cut her off.

However, his parents did not agree with his decision. His dad actually said he’s ruining his sister’s “happy moment” and messing up her engagement.

However, many people on Reddit are on his side. Despite his parents making it seem like this guy is a huge d*ck, everyone on Reddit thought this guy had every right to cut his sister off.

Some people could not understand how his twin sister could do this to him.

And, others said that the family was completely wrong.

Especially because the bully had violently abused him.


Like, really badly.

In my honest opinion, his sister (especially his twin sister) should put family first. It’s not like this guy was a bully who made fun of her brother from time to time—he physically assaulted him. The fact that she’s marrying him anyway, to me, proves that she doesn’t give a sh*t abou thim anyway.

h/t: RearFront.