10 Reasons Your Sister Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

There’s a saying that’s as old as time – you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. When you’re stuck with someone for the majority of your life, like your sister, at times they can get on your nerves. But, the beauty of your family is that blood is always thicker than water.

Your sister is your first best friend – you live together, you grow together, you probably share more clothing, more memories and more laughs/tears together than you have or will with anyone else.

My sister is my best friend – the mac to my cheese, the cookies to my milk, the blue cheese to my buffalo wings. Even though we are ten years apart, we have shared more real, true love than anyone else I know.

1. They support all of your decisions – even if they’re horrible. 

Your sister knows how you’ve gotten to where you are because they’ve grown up in the same family, life circumstances and environment as you have. When it comes to your life choices, they always have your back.

Sometimes, we make sh*tty decisions, and they won’t always agree, but they will be there to pick you up when you fall and fail. They’ll laugh at you sometimes, but then, they’ll rewatch that horrible chick flick you love for the 10th time and veg out with some wine and milkshakes to cheer you up.

2. They share everything with you. 

When you grow up with a sister, you get to share everything. Some people share a room, some people share clothes – no matter what is is, what’s hers is yours and vise versa. When she has only one more french fry left in the bag, she’ll split it with you.

I wouldn’t even know half the music I love today if my sister and I didn’t “share” a computer together – AKA, me using her laptop when she wasn’t home and listening to her music library.

When you are really close with your sister, you’re able to open up and share your secrets, your fears, your dreams with them. These are the moments you’ll treasure forever.

3. They’re always proud of you. 

We all go through milestones in our life – graduating from school, landing a job, starting a family. Your sister will always make sure you know how proud of you she is. She will always be there for the big moments – because she has to be – but also, because she wants to be.

They’re the ones who brag about you to the rest of the family before you even get a word in edgewise, being your biggest cheerleader.

4. They give amazing advice. 

Your sister probably experienced things you didn’t experience or haven’t experienced yet. When you feel lost and don’t know who to turn to, your sister will always be there for the solid pep talk and advice you really need.

When your sister is older, she’ll be able to help you navigate those tough situations you just can’t figure out.

The beauty of it is that she’ll be brutally honest with you, because, you can dead a friend – but you can never dead your sister.

5. They don’t judge you. 

In life, you’ll go through weird phases. I think I’ve changed my job choice, style and “life path” about 10 times in the last five years. But, each and every time, my sister was open-minded and listened to what I had to say.

(She also is the only person who doesn’t judge me for eating pickles with ketchup).

6. They will make the best maid-of-honor. 

Your sister knows you better than you know you. When it comes to planning things like your wedding – bridal showers and bachelorette parties – she will be the champion and your favorite human. She’ll make sure you know how special you are.

7. You never have to explain yourself. 

When you grow up with someone and you know them incredibly well, things go without saying. You get to a point where facial expressions describe everything they need to know about how you feel in certain situations.

It’s an “unspoken bond.”

8. Your crazy matches her crazy. 

No matter what you’re doing, it’s always better when you’re together. You jam out in the car to old school music, you dance out at the bars like no one else is there and you flip out on anyone who eats your leftovers you’d been dreaming about for days.

You get each other’s weird quirks, because you have similar ones – they’re almost one in the same.

9. She’ll make sure you end up surrounded by the right people. 

Your sister is the best person to judge other people’s character. She’ll be the one to tell who what friends of yours are really sh*tty and which guys are just not the one for you.

She cares about you more than anyone else, she never wants to see you hurt or in pain. She’ll protect you until the very end and make sure you’re valued for your worth.

10. She’ll never try to change who you are. 

Your sister loves who you are – because she had such a big hand in why you are who you are. Some friends will try to change you in order to fit their needs, but your sister will never want you to be anyone other than yourself.