16 Things You Can Only Count On Your Best Friend For

They know you better than you know yourself.

In life, we encounter people who will completely change our world. While many people think that this has to come from a romantic relationship, it so happens that friendships can be the foundation that shapes your life for the better. Your very closest and best friends in your life can transform you into the best version of yourself, be by your side like no one else can and always be your “person.” The Christina to your Meredith, if you will.

These are the people you need to hold close and never let go. Let no one come between you – family, other friends, especially men. These are the people who will be by your side when life gets hard, when life gets good and all of the in between.

And, sometimes, they’re some of the only people you can count on when you absolutely need them.

1. They’re the one who comes up with a good comeback for you in an argument and always delivers the best burns.

2. They’re the one who helps you when you have an important date and you can’t decide what to where OR where to take them.

3. They’re the one who take you in when your home life is falling apart and you need somewhere else to crash and cry.

4. They’re the one who know exactly what to do when you’re in a bad mood and just how to cheer you up.

5. They’re the one who is always your wingman/wingwoman when you hit the city for a night out and don’t mind talking to the weirdos while you score yourself some major action.

6. They’re the one who knows how you take your eggs, coffee and alcohol.

7. They’re the one who is easily part of your family and you two spend everything from birthdays to holidays together.

8. They’re the one who is brutally honest when you need to dump the loser you’re with, no matter how in love you are.

9. They’re the one who is your partner in crime when you need to shake things up or do some heavy FBI work.

10. They’re the one who doesn’t judge you when you make horrible decisions, but they do let you honestly know how stupid you can be sometimes.

11. They’re the one who isn’t embarrassed to belt out some old school 2000’s jams in the car with you – with all four windows down.

12. They’re the one who listens when you need to vent about everything in life and don’t cut you off, even when they’ve heard the same story 10 times before.

13. They’re the one who stands up for you when you’re around but especially, when you’re not around.

14. They’re the one who supports your decisions – good and bad.

15. They’re the one who you can always count on to laugh at your jokes.

16. They’re the one who knows your deepest secrets and you don’t have to worry about them spilling their guts.