18 Embarrassing Stories Of People Getting Walked In On By Their Parents

10. Watching

Mine would have to be when,during a commercial break, I started powering up like a saiyan, but only with little quiet whisper yells. I was still sitting down.

When I was done I saw my mom standing in the doorway just watching me for God knows how long.

So all she saw was some 9-10 year old, sitting down, looking up and going “hyaaahhhhh! Hah hah…. Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

11. Measured up

When I was probably twelve, my mom found the tape measure in the bathroom. My dad couldn’t keep a straight face when she was yelling at me for never putting things back, which only made my mom angrier as she couldn’t connect the dots. My dad reminded me of the story years later, swearing that my mother never figured out what I was doing with the tape measure.

12. Walk away

Well when I was younger, I saw a black laced bra lying on the floor…

I thought to myself, How would this look on me?

So I went to the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror to try it on. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to lock the door, and my dad walked in on me… topless with a black bra on.

(Im a guy btw).

13.  Hahaha

It’s a toss up between 7 year old me being caught by mom and dad with a vacuum on my penis and 16 year old me being caught masturbating with headphones on and my head covered by a pillow.

7 year old me wanted to know how a blow job felt, and 16 year old me knew they were going to a party (car broke down 2 blocks from the house).

Hey, you live you learn:)

14. Slo-mo

Me and my boyfriend were fooling around with the slow motion feature on the new iPhone and trying out different things to slow-mo. We decided to take a video of him slapping and jiggling his thighs. So he was in his boxers, and I knelt down in front of him to get the best cinematographic angle, probably a foot away from his pelvic area.

Queue my dad NOT KNOCKING and walking in on me with a camera on my knees pointed at my boyfriend’s junk in his boxers. My boyfriend just bursted out laughing and all I could muster was “It’s not what you think.” He didn’t say a word and closed the door.

15. Bigger and better

“Caught” doesn’t apply

But when I was younger I walked it into the living room and said

“I need bigger condoms”, and walked away

16. Slammed closed

When I was younger (probably 10-12 years old) my dad was talking about foreskin. I’m circumcised so of course had never seen an uncircumcised penis at that age.

So, my parents go out to dinner or something. I’m home alone. I sit on the couch with my mom’s laptop and go to Google images. Type in foreskin. Parents happen to arrive home immediately after, so I slam the laptop shut (without closing the window) and I’ve got this guilty look on my face of course.

Dad walks over, grabs the laptop and asks “What the fuck are you doing?”

I explain myself and he’s just like “Don’t do that ever again” and walks off.

17. Standing Ovation

When we were in high school (like 16-17), my best friend was home by herself one day and bored so she decided to watch The Little Mermaid. When “Under the Sea” came on, she turned the volume all the way up and was dancing all around her living room singing along. When the song was done, she heard slow clapping coming from the doorway…her dad had come back home to grab something and witnessed almost the whole performance. I laughed my ass off when she called and told me.

18. Not funny?

My mom just walked in on me calling Siri a cunt yesterday. She stared, I laughed. She left.

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