People Are Sharing The Awkward Way Their Parents Gave Them ‘The Birds And Bees’ Talk

Do you remember when your parents gave you “the talk?” The birds and bees talk? The “this is how babies are made” talk? Now if you’re internally screaming just thinking about it, don’t worry — I’m with you! So awkward. Literally cringing just writing this.

Were you 10? 16? 20? Was it the most excruciating moment of your life? Were there diagrams? A BOOK?!?! Redditor 1982throwaway1 posed the question, asking his fellow internet pals to dive deep into NOT their sex life, but rather their sex talk life, and well, people had some interesting answers. Brace yourself.

There were, of course, the kids who lucked out.

I never got one


Same. My parents just figured I knew since I hung with a few dudes a couple grades above me growing up. Or maybe it was something else but either way I’m glad they spared me lol

Apparently this kid’s parents showed him…DON’T WANNA KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS EXACTLY.

Yeah my parents just showed me.