This Guy’s Hilarious Amazon Product Review On A Pre-Workout Powder Deserves An Award

Whenever we buy things/try things for the first time it can go one of two ways–really great or really awful.
When this happens, we either want to tell the world “BUY THIS ASAP” or “never touch this, ever.” Where can we do such things? Amazon, of course. After buying or trying products, millions of people leave helpful and detailed reviews online so we know what we’re getting into when buying things.

One guy, however, had no idea what he was getting into when he decided to try a pre-workout power. Dino2925 left a 4-star review on “LIT Pre-Workout Powder,” but, the details and context of his review are so funny, it truly deserves recognition.


Clearly, this pre-workout gives you the energy you need to get to the gym and lift weights–but, has some serious side effects. Also, this guy deserves an award for the funniest and most informative review on a product I’ve ever seen. 10/10. @Amazon, please hire him to write all of your reviews.