Kanye West Tweets That Emma Gonzalez Is His Hero And Her Response Is Everything

Kanye West has been on quite the Twitter spree lately. After taking a pretty long break from social media, the rapper and producer has come back with a big splash–professing his love for Donald Trump, conservatives, and spreading “nothing but love.”

West caused a lot of controversy after his Twitter rant about loving Donald Trump. After his tweets went viral, many celebrities, artists, and fans decided to unfollow him and spoke out against his decisions and views.

Not only has West taken a pretty conservative view on the world and politics now–he’s also into spreading “nothing but love.” I mean, every tweet he puts out is about loving everyone and loving the world.

Now, he’s shouting out a pretty influential person on social media–and this time, it’s not Donald Trump. Instead, West proclaimed that Emma Gonzalez is “his hero” posting a photo of the teen on his Twitter timeline.

He also showed off his new shaved head, saying he’s “inspired by Emma.”

We all know that Emma Gonzalez is one of the most influential people of 2018. Her name has become one that has been spoken around the world due to her bravery and courage to speak up about issues that matter.

One would believe that a teenager would love nothing more than to be shouted out by someone like Kanye West–an award-winning rapper that has changed and shaped the music industry. But, instead, Gonzalez used the platform to again, speak up about something that matters.

In case you’re unsure of who this is…

Clearly, Gonzalez doesn’t care about celebrities shouting her out and saying she’s their “hero.” Instead, she’s concerned with opening the conversation about bigger issues–and, for a teenager to be so intelligent and aware, it’s inspiring and moving. Bravo.