Chance The Rapper Stands Up For Kanye West Saying ‘Black People Don’t Have To Be Democrats’

Kanye West has shaken up the internet today after using his Twitter feed to promote a lot of right-wing views. The rapper claimed he “loves Donald Trump” and showed endless support for the current President of the United States.
In a series of tweets, West explained that he may not agree with Trump on everything, but he loves them and even called him his “brother.”

After these series of tweets, West went on to share photos of a MAGA hat, a picture of him wearing it, and numerous references to Donald Trump being one of his “favorite people.”

Donald Trump (and his family) returned the love on Twitter, retweeting Kanye’s rants and rampage about the President.

Since Kanye West spoke out about supporting Trump, who many believe is a racist individual who shows no support to black people or culture, many began attacking him and his integrity. They brought up the interview where West once said “George Bush hates black people,” and the times he had called out the media and music industry for “whitewashing,” like at the VMA’s–his first “epic meltdown.”

West also addressed the issues in Chicago, where he was raised, calling out former President Barack Obama for not “changing anything in Chicago.

But, many believe West hasn’t done much in Chicago either–with people pointing to other artists who have contributed more, such as Common, Chance the Rapper and others. West claimed he was “supporting Trump” because he listened to his ideas and beliefs for bringing forth change in Chicago–when Obama didn’t. Radio DJ and morning show host Ebro Darden of HOT97 called him out on Twitter saying–

Chance, however, took the opportunity to stand up for his friend, saying the two had spoken rather recently–two days ago to be exact. He also claimed West is “the same Kanye he was back from the VMA’s, and the telethon where he called out George Bush.”

Chance followed up saying a powerful statement on Twitter.

And, while Chance has a valid point–it’s true black people don’t have to be Democrats–Twitter users were trying to point out that it’s not his support of a Republican candidate, but more of his support of someone who has time and time again proven to be racist.