People Are Sharing The Pettiest Things They Secretly Do To Stick It To Their Old Exes And It’s Beautiful

All former relationships have an effect on your personality in some way or other. The ones that ended amicably will always have a bittersweet place in your heart, while the ones that ended with animosity will always be responsible for some of your jaded cynicism — or, in some cases, for your daily pettiness.

More often than not, our exes leave a lasting imprint on us, which can often manifest in certain spiteful and petty habits.

Writer Sophia Benoit recently asked her Twitter followers to share the “pettiest” things they do to spite their ex “despite them not knowing.”

Not surprisingly, people have a lot of not-so-pent-up pettiness.


Of course, if you stop to think about it for too long, you may very well realize that a significant amount of your personality is specifically formulated to spite the exes who have wronged you.

Here’s to our exes: if not for them, we wouldn’t be the salty, sassy people we are today.