23 People Admit The Pettiest Reason They’ve Dumped Someone

Dating people takes a lot of time, work and patience. But, there are some people who have habits so annoying, we cannot look past them. No matter how much time goes on and how patient we are – we can’t change everyone. Just Ask Reddit, because a lot of people have dumped a hell of a lot of other people for a lot of petty reasons.

1. 37-pieces-of-flair:

Broke up with a guy because the way he ate salad made me uncomfortable. He was pretty much attacking it, chewing with a lot of fervor, and watching me while he ate.

2. majordmg89:

She would constantly try to finish my sentences for me. Sometimes not even sentences but words.

For example:

me: “So i was eating a BLT sandw-”

her “-which?”

It was infuriating.

3. lavalampmaster:

This girl was beautiful, driven, intelligent; we got along well. She was perfect, except that she would snap her fingers whenever someone would say something she liked. Every conversation, peppered with snaps. She’d do it instead of applauding at concerts too.

4. TJayClark:

Went on a date to buffalo wild wings. She ordered 20 wings. She ate maybe 7 of them.

When it came time to pay, she didn’t offer (I was gladly going to pay), nor did she want a doggie bag. Seeing all of that food go to waste was the deal breaker.

5. josephsmolinski:

A girl asked me if I believed in dinosaurs. She thought Satan put them here to test us. I’m just glad she dropped that bomb on the third date.

6. ChubbyBlackWoman:


He kept saying, “I seen,” in this pompous voice that seemed to suggest he was using correct grammar. That got old quickly.

7. abs1337:

‘cUs sHe TeXteD LiKe dIs! :):):):) :p:p:p:p =))))))

8. EatUpAndWellTellYa:

I broke up with a girl because she spelled a word so incorrectly that I couldn’t look at her the same any longer and it ruined how I felt about her.

We were texting each other during the day about the plans we had to go out for the night and it went something like this-

Me- Hey are we still on for tonight? Her- Yes! I’m excited. Do you need me to bring anything? Me- No I have everything we’ll need. Don’t worry about it. 🙂 Her- Ok cool. I’ve already picked out my alphet. Me- Your what? Her- My alphet. For tonight. I tried to pick something you’d like :).

She was trying to fucking say “outfit”. ALPHET. Fucking alphet. Al-fit.


Had a friend try and date this girl. He said he was going to Canada for a wedding. Her response? “I wouldn’t want to go because I’d have to learn Chinese.” He said that he blankly stared at her and finished his meal. Ha

10. sweaterotears:

She was just obsessed with celebrity news. Like no I don’t care that the weekend and Selena are dating.

11. tinkletinklehoy:

Having the same name as my mother.

12. themzy34:

My best friend broke up with this smoking hot blonde after 1 week because her nose whistled while she breathed.

13. 88Dubs:

Broke up with a girl after a week because she constantly talked about being British and saying every other sentence in a British accent.

She was born in Kentucky….

14. Chase_Baldwin:

He once came with his eyes open and crossed. Just really freaked me out. I could never get the picture of his face out of my mind after that.

15. weasel999:

He tucked his sweater into his jeans.

16. garganishz29:

Chews with their mouth open.


She uses internet explorer out of choice.

18. nateonguitar:

Purposefully leaving your popcorn, sodas, wrappers, etc. all over the place after a movie because “people are paid to clean it”

19. tigrovna:

I broke up with a guy because he ate all of my corn dogs. I was working a 12 hour shift (he refused to get a job), and all through my shift I was just excited that I could go home and eat a corn dog. That mf and his friends ate all 24 corn dogs within the 12 hours while I was working. They had previously done this with my Digornio’s and lunch meat, but this was on another level. Don’t mess with my corn dogs.

20. sAmsonn291:

I was in a hotel with my ex and we were brunching and the brunch was very expensive but it was all you can eat. As we finished she stoob up and got the most delicious food from the buffet again, even a french toast specially cooked for her with chocolate on it. Then she got coffee and orange juice, a few chopped fruits and made a photo of it to post it on snapchat and instagram.

Then she stood up and said she is ready to go, I couldn’t believe it…

21. ErnestoLaganas:

I called it off with a girl because she ate like shit, junk food and fast food all the time, then she wondered why she was always sick and why her box tasted like an owls neck.

22. gamepaddave:

She kept saying expresso.

23. NoLimitSoldier31:

Prettiest girl I ever talked to was an anti-vaxxer. Couldn’t do it.