A Racist White Woman Was Caught On Camera Assaulting A Pregnant, Black Service Member

In today’s political climate, seeing racism has become more and more “normal” every day. Sadly, people believe with the President being who he is and openly ignorant, it’s okay to do the same. They could not be more wrong.

Racism and ignorance are never okay. And, when people see instances of racism–they are just as outraged now, as they ever were (if not more). One white woman was caught on camera assaulting a black, pregnant, member of the United States Army in a restaurant and the Internet has become outraged over the incident.

According to Twitter, the woman in the video is 71-year-old Judy Tucker. The fight happened over a parking spot. WUSA 9 reported that the officers, Treasure Sharpe and Stephanie Mitchell were going to a Cheddar’s in Macon, Georgia. The two backed into a parking spot. Tucker claims the two “cut her off” when she was trying to pull into a spot. She and her son verbally assaulted the two women, all the way into the restaurant, where Tucker pushed the officer after she said she was pregnant. Both ladies were in uniform.

The video shows both Tucker and her son being very aggressive with both women.

The person who posted the video on YouTube claims:

This Gentleman & his mom was hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into there handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in there own separate parking spot. . So he then followed them inside the restaurant being verbally abusive calling them black lesbians shouting ” the military lets lesbians serve ? So at that point i start recording & heres the VIDEO .

After the incident was reported, Tucker was arrested and charged with battery. She was later released on $650 bail. After the video went viral online, Twitter was outraged and shutting down this kind of behavior.

Someone on Twitter found their business pages, as well, and began trolling them.