15 Makeup Hacks For Super Busy Moms On The Run

Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs in the world. No matter what you do or how many kids you have, for many moms, there are never enough hours in the day.

It’s bad enough trying to get your kids dressed and ready to tackle the day, but trying to get yourself ready? Most moms resort to a life of versatile clothing that can pass as both pajamas and going-out clothes (leggings forever). They rock the perpetual messy bun–and makeup…forget makeup.  Most moms feel as though they have zero time to throw on makeup when they have to run after their children. But, over the years, many moms have found some fast-track, simple hacks that will allow yourself to feel glowing and fresh while still rushing around with the kids.


You can customize a quick BB cream for yourself with those little sample-sized foundations included with your Sephora order. I start with sunscreen, primer, and lotion, then add one tablespoon of foundation. Store it in any little container that works for you, and slap it on in a hurry when you don’t have ‘full face’ time.’



Keep three things in your bag – travel sized hand lotion that can be used on ur face in a pinch, mascara, and tube of lip tint that can also be used as a blush (once again, in a pinch). I’m a Mom of three young adults, trust me.



Try using Nivea sensitive aftershave lotion for men as your primer. It works very well. Learnt this truck from Nikki tutorials on YouTube



In a rush? Frame your face by just doing your brows, mascara, and lip gloss. You’ll look and feel glam in less than 10 minutes.



Eye serum with caffeine, face cream with added SPF and some black mascara. Does wonders for me and I don’t look nearly as tired as I am!



CC Cream and a under eye corrector does wonders! Purchasing a good, quality makeup. I stopped using eyeliner on the bottom of my eye, completely opened them up!



If your ever running late minimize your makeup. Use mascara. Then use highlight on you cheek bones, nose, cupid’s bow, above your eyebrows, and inner corner of your eye. Finish it off with a lip color of your choice and you are good to go. Don’t forget to drop the kids off at daycare and if your hair isn’t cooperating then pull it back into a messy bun. Go’s great with any outfit!



Highlighter as eyeshadow, makes you looks like your wide awake. With a mascara that lengthens your lashes too.



Setting Spray! If you’re going to do your makeup you might as well have it stay all day! I recommend Urban Decay’s All Nighter.



I don’t know about you, but a busy mom hardly has time to dry her nails fully (if even paint them at all) so if you f— them up immediately after painting, lick them. Yep, saliva helps even out the gashes and scrapes you might encounter from having to tend to the little ones too soon after painting.