This Mom’s Rant About Men Not Helping Around The House Will Make You Say ‘Preach’

When you become a mom, you realize that you take on several hats. While you’re responsible for raising your children, you also are expected to cook, clean, make sure the house is in order, and care for your husband. It seems like a lot of work for things you don’t get paid for (not sorry). That’s why we expect to receive a little bit of help around the house from our partners. When they don’t deliver–we get infuriated. One mother was so sick of men around her house not helping her, she decided to take to Facebook and rant about it. After her rant went viral, people were praising her for her words.

Constance Hall is a mother of four who obviously has her hands full.

When her husband slacks off, it’s no wonder she can be frustrated.

Her rant on Facebook summed up what every mom feels deep down about housework.