10+ Things In Your Home You Should Be Cleaning On The Regular

When it comes to cleaning our homes, not everyone is a superstar. Let’s face it, cleaning takes a lot of time and effort that many of us just don’t have (and, with what little we do have…well, we want to use it for things better than cleaning TBH). In retrospect, we probably clean our apartments and houses way less than we should and as time goes by, things get filthier and filthier. Mold, dust, grease, stank–they all build up. The longer you go without cleaning, well, the dirtier things will be. There are a few places and things in your home you should be washing on a regular basis but probably aren’t, because, well we’re all pretty damn lazy. Thanks to some wonderful people online, we’ve narrowed down the important places.

11. Kitchen sink:

Your kitchen sink is full of germs and probably a lot of leftover grease,  sauce, food, etc. from cooking and doing dishes. That bad boy needs a wash at least once or twice a week. Face it, you don’t want to be draining pasta, washing fruit/vegetables or even placing dishes in a sink that’s breeding bacteria. Use a towel or rag with some gloves and really give it some TLC with hot water and soap–scub that sink, girl. To get that really great clean, use a water/bleach mix and let the bleach sit in the sink for 5-10 minutes. Then, scrub and clean all of the bleach, allowing it to drain.

10. Washing machine:

You may think your washing machine is clean because it cleans your clothes, but hey–you’re always throwing dirty clothes in there so it deserves a washing of its own. The less you clean it, the more build up gross crap develops and eventually gets into your clothes, which you put on your body, which will give you gross body stuff–ew. Use bleach, water, and powdered laundry detergent to scrub the inside of the washing machine (with some serious elbow grease). Let it sit for a minute or two and then wash it out. Let it air dry before using it on your dirty socks.

9. Door handles/knobs:

Do you ever realize how many people probably touch your door handles in your house/apartment? Dozens–plus, we don’t know where their hands have been (do they even use soap after using the bathroom?) Plus, they get fingerprints and smudges all over them. Use any type of “all purpose cleaner” to wipe away the dirt, smudges, and germs.

8. Light switches:

Equally, as dirty and gross as the door handle, light switches need to be cleaned for germs. Think of all the times you were sick (had a bad cold) and sneezed into your hands, then turned off the light to die in your dark, cold bedroom *cringes*. Plus, dirt builds up in the corners. These can be cleaned with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, just gently rub it on down.

7. Grout/shower cracks:

Many people wash their tubs/shower floors but not the cracks and grout surrounding it. The grout gets a bit brown looking when it should be shiny and white. Using a toothbrush (like those free ones the dentist gives you but you’ll never use on your actual teeth) use baking soda or even bleach with some water to dilute it. Spot test it on a small area so you can make sure it doesn’t completely ruin the color, but, it should clean away any stubborn stains or molds.

6. Window screens:


Window screens build up germs and bacteria over time and when you decide to crack open your windows for some fresh air, you’re letting all that nastiness into your house. You can easily vacuum any dust and dirt that builds up over time on your screens to prevent sneezing and dust bunnies.

5. Window tracks:


Have you ever opened your window after a while and seen dead bugs, dirt, and dust built up in the tracks? It happens, it’s life. You should probably be cleaning that out before you decide to open the windows for some sunlight and beautiful breezes. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the corners with a vinegar and baking soda mix and then a cloth to wipe that mess away.

4. Oven:


Over time, your oven builds up grease, old food that’s dripped in, and nasty smells. The longer you leave it, the worse it’ll get–and, it’ll ruin all your good food. Get yourself a fume-free, non-caustic oven cleaner and let it sit for 2-3 hours. Then, wash it away with a damp cloth. Run your oven at 300 for 15 minutes to get all the rest of it out. If your oven has a self-cleaner, don’t use this. 

3. Bathroom sink:

You’re spitting your nasty morning breath saliva into your bathroom sink, so you should be washing it once a week. Use a sponge and some all-purpose cleaner for this–anti-bacterial should do the trick. Did you know your bathroom sink has just as much bacteria and germs as your toilet seat? Get to cleaning.

2. Refrigerator shelves:


Food/drinks leak all over your fridge without you even realizing. It’s good to clean these bad boys at least once every two weeks so no mold or mildew begin to build up. Just use soap and warm water to give them a good scrub.

1. Kitchen cabinets:


Your kitchen cabinets also get built up mildew, germs, and bacteria. It’s important to clean them out every 2 weeks, as well. Take everything out and give it a good wipe down with some dish soap on a damp rag. You’ll be surprised how much dirt comes out.

h/t BuzzFeed.