This Woman’s Pedicure Horror Story Will Make You Rethink Ever Getting One Again

When it comes to treating ourselves, us girls love the days when we go for a mani-pedi. There’s nothing like having someone rub your feet for a few minutes. Plus, unpolished nails kind of freak me out (on myself, at least). When we do go to nail salons, we expect them to be clean and hygienic, so that we don’t get any infections or problems–I mean, these people are cutting our nails and toe-nails, and we can easily develop rashes, infections, and problems if the tools are not fresh and cleaned properly. One Facebook user shared some terrifying pictures of when she recently got a pedicure at a nail salon that landed her in the hospital.

A little over a week ago the girls and I had a great day getting nails done and I got a pedicure at the new Nails and Lounge in Noblesville. Welllll said pedicure landed me in an unplanned vacation at the hospital beginning on Tuesday and still here. I have never in my life experienced such pain in my life. Here are some pictures of what it has been like for me. I currently am on the strongest antibiotics available given by IV and still having a hard time getting it under control. So ladies and Gents remember this the next time you want to get a pedicure!!! Continued prayers and positive thoughts greatly appreciated!!!! And thank you to all of you that have checked in on me….you have no idea how much it means to me 



Clearly, this infection got worse over time. Many people were curious as to how she developed this infection and questioned the tools used at the salon. Jennifer posted an update to the post saying that the stones and scrapers used at the salon (and many others) are not sanitized and therefore can spread other people’s germs to you.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for the awesome support and prayers, so much appreciated! I have noticed a lot of you have asked how did this happen when tools are in sanitized packets. Well the pumice stones and the scrapers (which are prohibited in all nail salons but they use them anyway) are not sanitized….AT ALL. Therefore someone else’s germs are always on them. When they use the pumice stones or scrapers it causes tiny breaks in the skin where infection can set in. Also the bowls your feet soak in must be properly sanitized if covers are not used. The place I went to was pretty new and absolutely gorgeous place and I loved it there. Not anymore ? ~hopefully this answers more questions!!! Again THANK YOU ALL for continued prayers and positive juju and will update with pictures post surgery when they unwrap it!!!

Jennifer ended up needing to have surgery in the end. Who knew a relaxing pedicure could turn out so terrible?

A little over a week ago the girls and I had a great day getting nails done and I got a pedicure at the new Nails and…

Posted by Jennifer Lynn on Friday, March 9, 2018

It just goes to show you that whenever you try to treat yo’self, you should make sure everything is clean and sanitized. You never know what kind of bacteria can be on unsanitized tools and props–always double check.