11 Times Rihanna Was The Ultimate Queen Of The Clap-Back

For those who don’t know, Rihanna is the absolute queen of clap-backs. Sure, Chrissy Teigen may be coming for that crown on Twitter, but RiRi has always come for people real hard who have tried to do her wrong. Word to the wise–don’t insult, drag, or critique Rihanna in any way, unless of course, you want your life ended publically on social media. This girl plays absolutely no games. Trust us when we say she deserves this honor.


In 2012, MTV shared photos of Rihanna smoking a ‘rolled cigarette’ at Coachella–which, they said was a joint. For years, everyone has known Rihanna is an advocate of smoking weed, so it’s not a surprise that she was getting down with it at Coachella. But, Rihanna clearly wasn’t for MTV spinning it into a story and responded saying:


In 2011, Ciara appeared on E!’s “Fashion Police” and said that when she met Rihanna, she wasn’t exactly nice to her. So, Rihanna took to Twitter after hearing Ciara was dragging her name on TV.


In 2015, NBA player Matt Barnes had told TMZ in an interview that he was “hooking up” with Rihanna and was seeing where their relationship goes. He insinuated that the two had hooked up before and that their relationship “it just passed the crush stage a little bit.” When Rihanna heard the video and saw the news, she decided to respond on Instagram by posting a screenshot of the video and sharing some pretty harsh hashtags including #shesnotintoyouatall


In 2012, Rihanna performed with Coldplay for the Paralympic Games closing ceremony in London. Piers Morgan clearly didn’t like her performance…or her look. He tweeted that Rihanna needed to grow her hair back, fast. So, Rihanna responded in the most Rihanna way possible.


In 2013, a fan called out Rihanna for showing off some Prada products while “people are suffering all over the world,” so Rihanna told her like it is.


Vincent Haycook, a video music director, tweeted that he and Rihanna had “creative differences” over the Pour It Up music video in 2013, so Rihanna came back at him making sure he “took his name off the check, while he was at it.”


In 2014, the R&B group TLC appeared on an Australian TV show and talked about how the music industry has changed and celebrities and female artists now use sex to sell records rather than their music. On the show, a photo of Rihanna in a see-through gown appeared on the screen, insinuating that Rihanna uses sex to sell records. After hearing that, Rihanna changed her Twitter cover photo to a throwback image of TLC going topless to sell records–she also changed her icon to Kanye West licking an ice-cream cone (the original that’s none of my business meme).

She also tweeted this:


Kendall Jenner once tweeted that she was going to a Rihanna concert and only wanted to hear her song “Complicated,” claiming she’d be “very upset” if RiRi didn’t perform it. So, Rihanna said “well don’t come.”


Someone tried to call out RiRi on Twitter for “being a hoe” and getting with a lot of rappers in the industry, so Rihanna cleared it up saying that the person “forgot a few” from their list.


One girl said that Rihanna’s cover on her single featured “her nappy hair,” and asked why it looked so nappy–so, RiRi cleared it up that…she’s black.


Celeb Buzz criticized an outfit that Rihanna wore and told her she should “class it up” and “put some clothes on.” Rihanna responded like a total boss.