Chris Brown Had The Balls To Comment On Rihanna’s Instagram Pic & Everyone Is Pissed

Incase you’re too young to remember, or you’re not fluent in celebrity news, Chris Brown is a scumbag. I mean – he is an absolute piece of garbage. He dated singer Rihanna before they split in 2009 after he beat the sh*t out of her and, was sentenced to five years probation for the assault. He was also given a restraining order and had to remain at least 50-yards away from the singer – unless they are at a similar event – to which it was 10-yards.

The pictures of Rihanna after the fight went viral online and – for the sake of girl code and humanity – we won’t post them. It’s just wrong.

Why am I bringing up this assault from 2009? Well – Chris Brown has decided that it’s a great idea to comment on a picture on Rihanna’s Instagram – and, we’re crowning him 2017’s World’s Thirstiest Man.

Rihanna has been looking incredible lately. She’s put on some weight, but, she looks flawless as she’s embraced her curves and – everyone has noticed. She posted a photo on her Instagram page from her annual trip to Barbados for the country’s Crop Over Festival.



the @aura_experience caught by @dennisleupold #BARBADOS #cropover2017 #culture

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You have to admit – she looks incredible. But, lets be honest, when doesn’t Rihanna look incredible?

Instagram users were bombarding the singer with hearts, emojis and tons of “SLAY” comments – but – one comment stuck out like a douchebag sore thumb because…

Is that what I think it is?


*Deep breaths*

How dare Chris Brown have the balls to comment with some side-eyes at Rihanna after he literally beat the sh*t out of her. Who does he think he is? Someone get this entitled a**hole a reality check. I’m heated. I am NOT having this. And, neither is Twitter.