Wendy’s Is Up To Roasting McDonald’s On Twitter Again And We’re Here For It

Most Twitter users know that you should never come for Wendy’s on social media — they’re like the Chrissy Teigen of fast food brands, and they won’t hesitate to put you on blast.

Last year, one foolhardy McDonald’s stan learned this lesson the hard way.

And let’s not forget about the time that one (sleepy) McDonald’s social media intern accidentally posted an embarrassing Black Friday tweet …

… which Wendy’s then used to throw some shade.

Well, the deceptively sweet-looking fast food company is back at it again, continuing their vicious McDonald’s beef (pun absolutely intended).

One Twitter user recently posted a photo of a Fisher-Price McDonald’s soft serve machine, circa 1988, telling McDonald’s, “Bet this works better than your ice cream machine.”

Wendy’s took the ball and ran with it, responding with, “Probably tastes better too.”

Damn. Hopefully McDonald’s can pour some of their malfunctioning ice cream on that festering burn.

Wendy’s isn’t always so brutal, though. Sometimes, the company can be downright sweet. Take, for example, the time that MoonPie’s Twitter decided to spit some not-so-subtle game at Wendy’s:

The two brands then proceeded to engage in a Twitter love-fest the likes of which had never been seen before.

Seriously, guys. Get a damn room.

Wendy’s may be a bit salty on the outside, but don’t ever forget that they also have a warm, gooey center.

And no, I cannot talk about this subject without reverting to fast food puns. Thank you for asking.