20 Times ‘Wendy’s’ Was Absolute Savages On Twitter

Out of all the fast food chains out there, Wendy’s has always been in my top 2. The Nuggets are always crispy and fresh, the fries aren’t overly salty and when I want to pretend I’m being healthy at a fast food restaurant, they have baked potatoes. To be honest, the only thing missing from Wendy’s in my eyes is a breakfast menu. But, they have Frosties, so it lowkey makes up for their lack of breakfast food. Besides their incredible food, their social media team is super hot fire. I mean, they are straight savages on Twitter. If you aren’t following Wendy’s Twitter account, you should be. And, if you’re looking to get as roasted as their burgers, slide into their mentions to get dragged for all of America to see. Thanks to BoredPanda for finding the most savage responses out there, we can’t stop laughing into our Spicy Chicken Nuggets.