Twitter Is Dragging ASOS For Selling This Body-Shaming Water Bottle

For some reason, many people in society associate weddings and brides with weight-loss and diets. Far gone are the days where brides can be happy with their weight and proud of their bodies, and instead, have to go on crash diets to fit into the perfect size 2 wedding dress. In a society that is always shaming the “bigger girls,” it’s refreshing to see women who take pride in their bodies and figures, especially on the most magical day of their personal lives. And, that’s why many people were outraged when they saw that company ASOS was selling this “body shaming” water bottle.

The water bottle is made by a third party company called “New Look” and has the phrase “shredding for the wedding” written across it.


Many people were annoyed and offended that the company would promote the narrative that all women need to be thin and skinny on the day of their wedding, shaming them for their bodies they’re currently rocking. Many people took to Twitter to express their distaste for the product and the message.

Other Twitter users decided to make light of the situation and turn it into something else.