People Are Using ‘Zit Rings’ To Hide Their Piercings At Work And I’m Not Sure I Understand The World Anymore

For years, teenagers have been experimenting with “body modification” to fit in, rebel against their parents, or just because they’re into the look. Tattoos, piercings, dying our hair outrageous colors–it’s all apart of growing up in my opinion. Take it from me, at the ripe age of 18-years-old I had 12 ear piercings, red hair, and a nose ring. Sure, people probably didn’t take me seriously but, I was an honor’s student in college so–bite me. While having piercings can be cool as hell, when it comes to work and other professional outings, some people look down on those who have holes in their face. So, the Internet has found a way to basically “hide” piercings in the most…strange…awkward…gross way possible. They’ve created “zit rings.”

1. Zit rings are earrings that can be worn in any piercing hole–they look like actual whiteheads.

These plastic bad boys look like an actual whitehead that you’re going to want to pop, but can’t, because…it’s plastic.


2. They were originally created to hide piercings that are in noticeable places when having piercings may not be “appropriate.”

Instead of having a cute diamond, let’s opt for having a white head that looks absolutely vile and gross. Right.


3. It seems as though it only “works” for some, as the “zit rings” only come in one complexion color and looks a bit…off.

No, it doesn’t look weird at all….


4. But, if you’re going to use it to hide your piercings…what’s the point of keeping other facial piercings in?

I don’t get it.


5. In all honesty, if you’re going to try and hide your piercings, why not go to a piercing store and buy clear rings, instead of having a nasty, fake, plastic whitehead on your face?

Just a thought.


6. I guess if you really want to look “edgy” and “cool,” pimples are the latest fad…so…go for it?

I’m not endorsing it, though.


I’ve seen a lot of trends sweep the web, but this pimple trend has got to go. ASAP. #StopPimplesOnMySocialFeed2018.