‘Finger Piercings’ Are The Latest Trend To Sweep Instagram And They’re Pretty Rad

Remember when you were younger and you wanted to piss off your parents so you went out and got a piercing or tattoo? No, just me? When I was younger, I was so into the “rebellion” look that I had more holes in my ears than I did fingers and I’m already on my 6th tattoo. As I  got older, I stopped getting things done to “piss off my parents” and turned to getting things done that would make me happy. I’m a big fan of piercings and tattoos and frequently look to see what’s trending online and recently, it’s been finger piercings.

Cuando me aburro pasa esto.. el del pezón nos os lo enseño viciosos ? . #piercing #fingerpiercing #diy #nopain

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Essentially, finger piercings are dermal piercings that feature a ball or a diamond which is linked to an anchor (placed under the skin). Many pierces “stitch” the skin around it to hold the diamond in place depending on the type of ring you get put in.

Other piercers do them differently, using a clean needle and simply inserting the ring in place.

Either way, it’s definitely a cool look and way less expensive than getting a flashy diamond ring to rock. And, the bright side? You won’t have to worry about your ring slipping off and losing it.

All in all, if you’re looking to spice up your look–nothing wrong with experimenting with something that can be easily removed if you change your mind (unlike a tattoo).