Fans Are Attacking Amy Schumer For Her Offensive New Movie ‘I Feel Pretty’

When fans heard Amy Schumer had a new movie coming out, they were excited to see what she had in store for them, as “Trainwreck” was an absolute gem. On Thursday, Schumer shared the official trailer for her new movie “I Feel Pretty” on Twitter.

In the movie, Schumer plays Renee, who struggles with low self-esteem. During an interview on “Ellen,” Schumer said her character struggles with wanting to experience life the way pretty girls do, with all the same perks and opportunities.

During a Soul Cycle class, Schumer’s character falls off her bike, hits her head, and after waking up sees herself as a “supermodel.”


While the movie is supposed to teach girls about being confident and loving themselves, many people feel as though the film sends the wrong message about women who aren’t “the perfect size 2.”

Many people shared their disgust for the film’s plot on Twitter.

The majority of people expressing their outrage are saying that the movie gives a bad name to body positivity and is a bad look for “bigger girls everywhere.”

In all honesty, I’m a fan of Amy Schumer and her comedy (most of the time), but I think this movie missed the mark just a little. I get the idea behind it, but I do think it can come off a bit offensive and unfair to girls who suffer from low self-esteem.

What do you think? Offensive, or hilarious?