20 Guys Share What Instantly Makes Them Lose Respect For Other Guys

11. Cat-calling is disgusting and so are you.

This might sound like I’m bullshitting, but I honestly never thought catcalling/random pickup lines were that pervasive until my fiance mentioned it one day. That was a couple years ago and to this day the fact that a LOT of dudes seriously pull the “mmm hey baby what’s goin on” shit just boggles my mind.

12. Mixed drinks get you drunk faster and for less money.

A dude who only drinks beer because mixed drinks are “girly”. I’m gonna drink this margarita like a man and enjoy it. Cheers.

13. Unless she asks, don’t do it bro.

Dudes who send unwanted dick pics to women.

14. Ego. Ego. Ego.

When one tries to talk over another guy or during someone else speaking. Like really we learned this shit when we were kids. One at a time please.

15. Don’t play people.

After playing an all-night session of card games in a pub, I was walking back to a guys house who was giving me a lift home and we got to chatting. He mentioned his girlfriend, and that he was only with her until he met someone better; he then introduced me to his girlfriend when we got to his place, and she was absolutely lovely. She was really friendly, and thoughtful, and I just found myself with absolutely no respect for the guy for being such a douche.

16. I don’t care what car you drive.

Bragging or dishonesty. They are usually done together so easy to weed those people out.

17. Just chill. 

Playing pool one night with my buds, random guy was leaning on our table with his fingers over the edge onto the table. I was lining up a shot but didn’t want to hit his fingers so I politely told him his fingers are about to get hit by a ball. The guy LOST HIS SHIT and made a huge scene. Yeah, that kind of shit.

18. Own up to things.

Don’t blame everyone else for the fact you haven’t made the best decisions in your life.

19. The worst kind of people.

When they purposely make other people’s lives harder than it has to be.

Saw a bunch of guys who all thought that leaving trash on tables in a cafeteria was okay because it’s what the janitor is paid to do.

It isn’t hard to be a decent human being

20. Never ok. Ever.

If they try it on with someone’s girlfriend/wife.