20 Guys Share What Instantly Makes Them Lose Respect For Other Guys

It’s obvious that not everyone can get along to a complete T, so it is not surprising that just as how us girls can’t seem to stand a certain “type” of ourselves, men can’t either. What I mean by this is you know how we all seem to distinguish that loud and obnoxious girl that is always on the phone trying to look interesting so she gets all the attention and we want to slowly stab her death for just being annoying? Well, same goes for men and how they can tell apart from each other. Men seem to have their own certain stereotypes of themselves they try to avoid at all costs and then there are those that they simply just lose all their respect for.  and honestly, after going through the thread we don’t blame them.

1. That’s plain wrong.

Dudes who put their SO down around friends or family to get a cheap laugh, be it about weight or appearance or sexual innuendo or whatever knowing full well how uncomfortable it makes them feel and everyone else in the room for that matter. Don’t be a cunt fuckhead.

2. Have fun never getting laid.

When they throw you or someone else under the bus to try and get laid.

3. A real man feels…everything.

Guys who think housework and cleaning and being there emotionally for his kids is gay.

4. Too much social media isn’t good.

When they try too hard to get attention. Examples would be like guys who post things on facebook like:

“I just saw a woman trying to carry her groceries and so I helped her. #JustANormalDayForMe @Sally @Jessica @Jamie @Amber (proceeds to tag like 20 women)

5. Too much bro.

Overtly Masculine Tough-Guy Take-No-Shit If-You-Make-Eye-Contact-I’ll-Ask-You-If-You-Wanna-Fight Attitude

6. Too much ego.

When they’re so busy talking about themselves and their accomplishments and you only asked them how their day was.

7. Not everything is high school football.

When they try to turn EVERYTHING into a dick measuring contest.I can be competitive, sometimes irrationally. But never when its not an actual competition and never in a casual setting. Trying to top someone else’ story/experience for literally no reason annoys the hell out of me.inb4 “I bet it annoys me more than it annoys you!”

8. Be respectful of the gym.

When they don’t rerack their weights.

9. Other people use that.

When they piss all over the seats of public bathrooms. Fucking disgusting and unnecessary.

10. Just be yourself, dude.

When they turn “alpha” and try to punk you when they get around new people, but as soon as those people are gone, they try to revert back to their “old selves” and think it’s okay.