Hooters Is Giving Away Free Wings On Valentine’s Day If You Shred A Picture Of Your Ex

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s nothing more romantic than receiving a plate of free buffalo wings. Save your flowers and chocolate, I’d rather be showered in endless buffalo sauce for hours on end. Thanks to Hooters, getting free wings is possible–even if you’re single. We all know what it’s like to be single and lonely on the “most romantic day of the year.” Everywhere we look, people are overflowing with love and we really just want to go back to bed (and punch everyone in the face. In all honesty, I’m in a relationship and the mushy-gushy love fest doesn’t even entice me. No thanks.

If you’re like me and want to score yourself some free wings this Valentine’s Day, and, you’re not into the ooey-gooey love fest, Hooters has you covered. This Valentine’s Day, the restaurant is giving you the opportunity to not only get sweet revenge on your ex, but also get 10 free boneless wings.

It's about that time again… Shred. Your. Ex. #ValentinesDay #ShredYourEx

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Here’s how it works:

Go into any hooters and order yourself some boneless wings–make sure you bring a photo of your ex. After shredding your photo in front of your server and feel like Thor, they’ll give you another order of boneless wings for free. So, you have to pay for the first order, but you get another order for free–and you get to rip apart a photo of your ex. It’s a win/win in my book.

If you’re not into eating alone at Hooters on Valentine’s Day and would rather eat your wings in bed, the company offers the option to “shred your ex online” and bring your free wings to-go, right back home with you.

People obviously love this idea.