You’ll Never Want To Walk Barefoot On The Beach Again After Seeing This Couple’s Horrifying Photos

Move on down to the next post if gross body stuff, or anything involving feet, makes you woozy. If you can’t handle that kind of thing, it’s best to avoid the inevitable nausea, chills, and insomnia that will result. Okay, you’ve been warned.

The story begins with Katie Stephens and her boyfriend, a Canadian couple who recently took what looked to be a lovely vacation in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. While strolling and playing on the beach, as one is wont to do on a vacation to the Caribbean, things took a turn for the worse, and one that will preclude Stephens, everyone who knows Stephens, and anybody who reads this from probably ever daring to take off their shoes and socks and feel the sand between their toes ever, ever again. Here’s Stephens’ now viral Facebook post.

Stephens writes:

To anybody travelling somewhere tropical, please be careful when in the sand and wear shoes! My boyfriend and I recently got back from Punta Cana to discover that we both have larva migrans, in other terms worms in our feet.

Yep. Okay. Worms in their feet. Everything is fine.

If your feet become incredibly itchy please get it checked out right away since we simply thought it was just bug bites and it became worse as each day passed. The resort we stayed at was IFA villas bavaro resort and spa. Also, this injury has nothing to do with coverage or travel insurance, I was back in my home country when I was first treated and don’t need travel coverage for what I have.

Also, to top it off health Canada denied our request to receive the medicine (ivermectin) we needed to treat our infection and were forced to get medicine from the states. Thank you Canada for your lovely health care you provide for us!


Although I painted Health Canada and our health care with the same brush, I would like to stress we had amazing health care from our doctors to our nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. We had great health care, just frustrated with Health Canada.

Okay, so getting worms inside of your feet is pretty bad, but enduring a health care rigamarole only makes things worse.