21 People Reveal Their Weirdest Habits And It’ll Make You Question Everyone You Know

Who knows why we do the things we do? (Other than, like, psychologists and psychics and stuff.)  We’ve all got a strange habit or personality quirk, one that we’re sure nobody else has, and that we’re afraid to share because we know it’s weird, and we know which might get us mocked. Well, some brave souls started a thread on AskReddit to confess and discuss their own so-called “weird,” hard-to-break habits.

1. coffeecrank:

I put my shirt over my mouth when I watch TV or sleep. It’s very comforting.

2. TobyFunke_analrapist:

I get completely naked to poop

3. fluffyyummry:

While brushing my teeth I pace around my bathroom. Sometimes I get into the zone while walking around and end up brushing my teeth for 10+ minutes.

And yes, I do not have any cavities.