21 People Reveal Their Weirdest Habits And It’ll Make You Question Everyone You Know

10. Stoltz3:

Whenever I turn the volume on my TV up or down, it has to land on an even number.

11. lovelylayout:

When I use a fork or spoon, it has to be licked completely clean before I take the next bite. None of the foods on my plate can touch other foods on my plate (exception: potato salad/baked beans because it’s impossible to keep them apart and using a kids’ portion plate is too embarrassing). I don’t eat food with bones in it. If it’s got sauce on it, you bet your ass I’m using a knife and fork (even boneless chicken). Also, I eat my pizza with a fork most of the time.

12. DDGibbs:

When I’m about to take a drink out of a cup I will very gently and sensually tongue the rim of the cup back and forth a few times before I take a drink.