78 Toy Design Fails You Won’t Believe Nobody At The Toy Factory Noticed

It’s almost like companies who make merchandise for kids—toys, stuffed animals, dishes, and the like—think that they can cut corners because kids won’t notice. Ah, but they do notice. And adults notice, too, when toy designs or packaging are wildly dumb or inappropriate. Maybe the toy companies have a good excuse—the workers got tired, bored, it was late in the day, they didn’t have the resources to finish, they’re getting paid 10 cents an hour in a factory overseas to manufacture cheap rip-offs, etc. You know, the usual stuff. Here are some toys and other kid stuff that didn’t turn out exactly as planned…and for which the results are amusingly and hilariously disastrous.

1. First it’s liquid, then it’s Frozen.

2. Not so fast.

3. Wario strikes again!