25 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Kids These Days Are Growing Up Way Too Fast

Any parent will agree that kids these days are growing up way too fast. Whether they’re taking imaginary phone calls from their demanding bosses named Johnson or they’re more concerned with Wifi passwords than small talk, kids seem to be acting more and more like tiny little adults.

These hilarious tweets are definitive proof that kids today are getting too old too quickly and we don’t know what to do besides laugh about it.

1. This kid who has their priorities in order:

2. These children who don’t waste time with small talk:

3. This kid who knows he has to watch out for #1:

4. This 4-year-old who is wise beyond his years:

5. This toddler who doesn’t have time for your games:

6. A 4-year-old who’s constantly being pestered by his boss:

7. This little girl who takes grocery shopping very seriously:

8. This savage 5-year-old who knows a hard job when he sees one:

9. This career-driven toddler:

10. This kid’s birthday card for his dad that tells it how it is:

11. This 5-year-old who isn’t trying to waste your time:

12. A newborn who is already over your BS:

13. This practical drama student:

14. This brilliant negotiator:

15. A 3-year-old who is too busy for cuddles:

16. This very literal toddler:

17. This little girl who always gets it in writing:

18. This kiddo who is too old to be mom’s friend:

19. This little grownup who knows where the knives are:

20. A toddler with his very own agent:

21. This 5-year-old who knows how the world works:

22. This genius littlewoman:

23. A toddler with high aspirations:

24. This 5-year-old who has conflict resolution all figured out:

25. And finally, this kid who knows the best music comes from pain:

h/t: Twitter, BuzzFeed