Professor Keeps A Running List Of New Slang Words He Learns From Students And It Slaps

As a teacher, I always learn a lot from my students. Sometimes, I learn things I definitely could have gone the rest of my life without knowing, but, other times, I learn a whole lot. One of the biggest lessons I get every day in the classroom is vocabulary. While I like to think of myself as a “young, relatable” teacher, there are tons of slang words that I have no idea about—even if I am only 26-years-old.

It seems that I’m not the only educator who thinks this way. Recently, Twitter user @mewtaliv2 shared photos of a running list their Professor keeps of new slang words he learns from their students.

Some of these words—Iconic.

Periodt, pull up, come thru—honestly, truly, iconic.


I high key appreciate this Professor’s dedication to expanding his vernacular.


This entire list slaps.


The Twitter user ended up sharing the entire PDF list so we can see all of the epic words present. I truly am in awe.

I’ve never been more proud to work in the field of education than I am right now.

h/t: Twitter