This Woman Seriously Went To Return A Christmas Tree On January 4th Because ‘It Died’

It can be a sad time when we start our way into January and the holiday season comes to an end. Few things make me more upset than when my Christmas tree comes down. I’m not sure about what other people do, but I just throw it on the curb with the rest of my garbage to be taken away and crushed in the back of a garbage truck. Such a sad end to such a beautiful tree. This seems to be standard practice for most families who celebrate Christmas, but I guess this lady didn’t get the memo.

On January 4th a lady walked into Costco and demand she be refunded the money she spent on the Christmas tree. Her issue with the tree you ask? The tree she bought a few weeks ago had died, and she was entirely determined to get her money back for the deceased tree. Witnesses claim the woman was a part of the Costco club member which guarantees refunds on almost all objects in the store. That means ALMOST all objects. The woman haggled with the cashier for what witnesses say was about 30 minutes. At the end of the day, the lady was victorious and walked out of Costco with her refund.

The play by play.

Luckily, a witness to the exchange decided to give us a live tweet rundown of what exactly was going on. Always have to thank heads up social media sharers when exciting things are going down. You guys really are the M.V.P’s