100 ‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’ Moments That Prove It Actually Did Happen

Sometimes our friends will tell us a story that is so farfetched and ridiculous you can’t even believe them. This is where “pics, or it didn’t happen” becomes a great thing. If there is something going on around you that’s so crazy do us a favor, don’t tell us about it. Shut your mouth bust out that phone and start recording or snapping some pics! Sure it’s cool to hear about an unbelievable story from a friend but you risk the chance of details being lost. You’re risking this person maybe stretching the truth a bit. Nope, no thank you. Just show me the pics or the videos and give me the run down. A picture is worth a thousand words, don’t forget that my friends.

Luckily these 100 people were quick to think and knew the right time to snap some pics. What would we do without people like them? Have to actually take our friends word for someething? The fact that someone was able to capture some of these pics are pretty unbelievable. Good things these people were in the right place at the right time. Enjoy these 100 pics that prove that “it” actually did happened.

1. When the Kansas City Fire Department had to save the Kansas City Police Department from an Elevator

2.  When you’re late because of a few emu running from the law.

3. Sneaking onto the UCLA sideline of the Rose Bowl by pretending to be on your cell phone leads to some pretty decent seats.

4. This Australian student who decided to intern at a Law Firm… in the Middle East.

5. No one would believe this hilarious coincidence.