20 Amazing Tumblr Posts That You Need To Stop And Read All Of

Tumblr its own entire universe of fantastic pictures, hysterical posts and basically any other thing your heart desires. There’s no doubt that a lot of Tumblr posts can be on the lengthier side of things. I get it; my attention span is almost nonexistent. That’s why I can’t imagine all the hilarious posts I’m missing out on just because I was too lazy to read. Imagine what we would be able to stumble across if we actually gave a little more than a few moments of attention to a new post? There could be a whole new entire world of incredible jokes I can find if I could read a post longer than three sentences. I know there’s more of you like me out there, so I’m here to help you out. Enjoy these exceptional Tumblr posts that are totally worth the read.


1. I assume this kid went to high really stoned.

2. I’m totally down for some shapeshifting.

3. I hope one day they find Eric.