Fans Believe Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Is Holding Her Baby Bump In New Photos From Christmas Eve

Kylie Jenner may not be very active on her own social media profiles, but, fans got ahold of some cute snaps of her and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, from Kris Jenner’s party. In the photobooth pics, fans believe that Scott “has his hand on Kylie’s baby bump,” although you cannot really see it.

touching the baby bump in the first picture ??❤️? #kyliejenner #travisscott #parenting #mom #photobooth

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While it may be just speculating, it’s nice to see Kylie is enjoying herself behind-the-scenes. Maybe she wanted to take a bit of a break from the spotlight and that’s why she’s taken a step back on social media. She did, however, appear on the cover of Love Magazine for their Spring/Summer 2018 issue. So, that’s something.