Fans Believe Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Is Holding Her Baby Bump In New Photos From Christmas Eve

On Christmas Day, Day 25, I expected to see Kim Kardashian post a photo with Kylie Jenner sporting a rather large bump. Or, at least have Kylie in it so I can play Sherlock and dissect the photo to find the little belly. Something. Anything. But, Kim played me and she played all of us by posting a photo that had absolutely no Kylie in it at all. Which, speaks more than you’d think. Kylie is usually involved in everything family and social media. She’s one of the most followed “celebs” on social media seeing as she used to post every 5 minutes. Now, she’s disappeared basically the same way her big brother Rob did, gone without a trace. So, either she’s packed on some pounds like Robert, or she’s packed on a baby and is hiding from us all.

Let’s just say, fans were not happy to realize they waited all of this time to be let down by the family. How could you play us like that? Don’t you have a heart? Twitter is calling this the biggest disappointment of 2017.

But, Kylie Jenner apparently was in attendance for Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve party she throws. While many didn’t see Kylie in the Christmas card, she popped up in several photobooth pictures (a signature at any Kardashian party) and, in some of her sister’s Snapchats.

But, there was one photobooth photo that the Internet got ahold of and people are wondering if it’s the solid proof that Kylie is pregnant with her boyfriend, Travis Scott.