‘The Office’ Is Coming Back To NBC, But There’s A Pretty Big Catch

It’s no secret that “The Office” is one of the greatest comedies to ever hit NBC. But, after it went off the air in 2013, we were left hanging. For years, fans have been rewatching the show thanks to Netflix and streaming, wishing we could get some new episodes of the gang from Dunder Mifflin. But, in the spirit of giving, we’re here to offer you some pretty great news. NBC announced on December 18th that a revival of “The Office” is in the works on the network. According to TVLine, NBC has talked about reviving the series for some time, along with several other series like ER, The West Wing, and 30 Rock. But, with successful revivals like Will & Grace, it would make sense for NBC to revisit some other fan favorites.

TVLine, however, reported that Steve Carrell would not be returning to the series as Michael Scott, which of course is disappointing. If you’re a true fan of the show, you know it went slightly downhill after Steve Carell left. But, the show was funny nonetheless. It would be extremely hard to get over the missing piece to the Dunder Mifflin puzzle that is Michael Scott.

Knowing NBC and how much fans loved “The Office,” and, how much exposure Michael Scott and others got from the show, they will probably try their best to have guest spots with the old cast. While having no Michael Scott is pretty sad, I can keep my sincere hopes up that Steve Carrell will return for at least one episode.

With the breaking news, fans have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the great news. Twitter users were excited in the fact that the show would be coming back to bring us more jokes and great one-liners. But, some were deeply upset Michael Scott (and others from the original series) would not be on the show. A lot of fans took to Twitter to express their feelings about NBC  leaving out their favorite character.