Women Share The Green Flags That Let Them Know Their Partner Was The Real Deal

We’ve all heard of red flags, which are early warning signals the person you’re seeing/on a date with/considering romantic involvement with may actually be a total POS. Unfortunately, every single person who has ever dated has seen these flags and ignored them, at least initially. We are a masochistic people.

But people rarely talk about GREEN flags; early signs that the person is the real deal, your forever person. Redditor u/todayonbloopers asked, “What are some early (1-3 dates) signs that the person is the real deal?”

In the name of hope and optimism, here are the best responses.

Whoa, who knew ‘listening’ actually mattered?

When I first started dating my husband I was surprised at how often he’d reference something I’d told him days or weeks earlier. The motherfucker was actually listening when I spoke. It blew my mind.

Listening and also following up on it?? I MEAN.

My SO recently bought me a book that I couldn’t even remember I wanted. He saw me check the price at the bookstore and put it back, then went back in a few days later and bought it for me.


Generally acting like a good human.

I always notice when the other person is just as polite to complete strangers as they are to me.



When we were first dating, I came into the room one day and discovered my now-husband cradling my cat and cooing to him over what a big, handsome boy he is. He (boyfriend/husband) was embarrassed but shook it off. Now that I think about it the cat was probably a little embarrassed as well.


I mean, I’d marry this dude in a heartbeat.

He nonchalantly took a can of Old Bay out of his pocket to season his fries while we were sitting in the food court of our college student union. I asked, “do you always carry Old Bay with you?” “Not always,” he replied.