A Script From Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Been Leaked And It’s Got Some Wild Spoilers

The script that was leaked on Reddit and then transferred over to Imgur, has a lot of pretty crazy information.

The only info. we’re really taking away from this is that King’s Landing is going to be f*cked up. According to the leaked scripts, Cersei is going to burn down King’s Landing with wildfire instead of letting the White Walkers have it. Leave it to Cersei to be a savage b*tch like that. Also, there’s going to be some damage from “blue fire,” aka Viserion who is now on the evil side of things. As well, there may be a Dothraki surprise on the White Walker’s side – could it be Khal Drogo? Imagina Dany gets to see the moon of her life and her child both on the dark side?

There’s also a pretty “happy” ending that goes down, which of course means someone is going to die. Game of Thrones never lets anything good happen to characters without letting the other shoe drop completely.

Wild, am I right?

The leak also includes information on screentime and how many pages per script. According to the leak, one page of script is equivalent to one minute of screen time, and, if calculations are right, season 8 will have some pretty damn long episodes, just like producers have said. The final episode will be almost three hours long (thank God).

801: 62 pages

802: 68 pages

803: 71 pages

804: 69 pages

805: 75 pages

806: 83 pages

But, have no fear, guys – we still all need to wait until 2019. You’re welcome for ruining your day!