15 Struggles That Are Too Damn Real If You Grew Up As An Only Child

Sometimes, being an only child is absolute bliss. You don’t have to share your toys, you get the biggest gifts for birthdays and holidays because there’s no one else to spoil, and, you’re mom and dad’s favorite. Growing up, people always told me they were envious of me for being an only child. Well yes, being an only child is great most of the time – like when I want things all to myself or when I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my clothes. But, sometimes being an only child can be one lonely experience.

1. You had no one else to blame if you got in trouble.

2. You couldn’t play any board games unless you had friends over since it requires more than one person to play.

3. People automatically assumed you were spoiled.

4. You had to do all of the chores.

5. Your parents were way too overprotective of you.